Mrs. Astor

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Secondary character
Mrs. Astor
Mrs. Astor.jpg
Mrs. Astor about to taste the soufflé.
AgeOver 112 years old
RelativesSee family section
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Mrs. Astor is a very wealthy female Human. She lives in a mansion located in the Waldorf Asteroid with her butler, Hobsy, and dozens of dalmatians. She was responsible for the declaration of Mutant freedom of September of 3010.


On 10 April, 2912, she went on a cruise with her husband. Unfortunately, the ship sank. Mrs. Astor thought she lost him, but she would later discover he had actually been safe the whole time.

In September of 3010, she ordered a soufflé (with a few drops of nitroglycerine) from Elzar's Fine Cuisine. The Planet Express crew was hired to deliver it to her. After meeting the crew, she invited the Professor, Fry and Leela to a fundraiser all the best families would attend.

At the New New York Historical Society building, she told the story of how she (thought she) lost Mr. Astor. That story would justify the creation of the Annual Astor Endowment Fundraiser, which supported the United Mutant Scholarship Fund. However, the fund wasn't meant to help the Sewer Mutants, but to keep those hideous creatures busy so they wouldn't ask for equal rights. During a conversation, Fry accidentally revealed Leela was actually a mutant, rather than an alien, and Mrs. Astor called the police to have her arrested and sent to the Sewers.

Meanwhile, Fry and Leela had joined forces with a revolted army of Mutants and found a way to send all the sewage back to the surface. As the largest campaign contributor, Mrs. Astor demanded that Mayor Poopenmeyer cleaned up streets of New New York, now fully covered by a green sea of garbage. The Mayor solved the problem by ordering an Antarian to pump it into Madison Cube Garden. Strangely, it didn't stop there. The Mutants came onto the surface and asked for freedom.

Mrs. Astor didn't agree on giving it to them, but a mutated Fry emerged from the ground and showed her a priceless quantum force gemerald the crew has discovered in the Sewers which carried a love message from Mr. Astor, as well as the Land Titanic's original passenger manifest. She then learned he risked his life for a mutant. Wanting to pay him one last tribute, Mrs. Astor persuaded the Mayor to give them what they wanted. A few minutes later, Mr. Astor would appear only to reveal he had been living in the Sewers after being mutated by a taste of Lake Mutagenic water and that when Fry jumped into the lake, he was actually swallowed by Mr. Astor, preventing him from becoming mutated. They hugged, celebrating their reunion.

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    Hobsy: Your soufflé, madam.
    Mrs. Astor: I shall take it here, under my fork.

    Zoidberg: Where's the exploding?
    Hobsy: One does not explode in Mrs. Astor's face.

    Mrs. Astor: Help! Police!


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