Quantum Gemerald

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Quantum Gemerald
Quantum Gemerald.png
Owner(s)Formerly Museum of Natural History, now the Zookeeper
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)

The Quantum Gemerald is a valuable jewel, originally the most prestigious item on display at the New New York Museum of Natural History. In 3003, the Zookeeper's plans for stealing it were foiled by the New Justice Team.

However, when the Zookeeper discovered who Clobberella really was, and kidnapped Leela's parents, the New Justice Team decided to steal the Quantum Gemerald for the Zookeeper, so he would free Leela's parents.

Another, different Quantum Gemerald (referred to by Professor Farnsworth as a Quantum Force Gemerald) that could shoot energy pulses (it's unknown if the one in "Less than Hero" can) was discovered in a safe in the wreckage of the Land Titanic. It was set in an "inscribbled" ring Mr. Astor was going to give to Mrs. Astor, who already had several others.

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