Big Ben

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Big Ben
LocationCrashed into Paris in 3010
First appearance"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
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Big Ben is a famous clocktower that was located in London, United Kingdom. In the 27th century it was stolen by the supervillain governor of New New York and moved to the Monument Beach (1ACV12). In the First Omicronian invasion of Earth in 3000, Omicronian Saucers destroyed most of the monuments of the beach. However, Big Ben appeared to be survived the invasion.

In 3010, Big Ben it was back in London when the Thubanian invasion of Earth occurred. When Earth's rotation stopped, Big Ben crashed into the Eiffel Tower in Paris and, moments later, was crashed into by the Statue of Liberty (6ACV08). Its current status is unknown.

Additional Info

•Big Ben technically is actually called "Elizabeth Tower"
•Due the Futurama timeline is around the year 3000 "The Royal Monarchy Tower"