Bob Barker's head

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Tertiary character
Bob Barker's head
Bob Barker.jpg
Date of birth12 December, 1923
Planet of originEarth, United States, Washington, D.C.
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)
Voiced byBob Barker
This article is about the Futurama character. For the television host, see Bob Barker.

Bob Barker's head is a male Human who hosted American television game shows from 1956 to 2007 and the Miss Universe Pageant in 3001 (2ACV06).

Miss Universe Pageant 3001

See Miss Universe Pageant 3001.

Additional Info


    Bob Barker's head: So you lost the atom, huh? You're garbage, Human garbage! Do you brain-dead space jockeys have any idea how much that thing is worth?

    Bob Barker's head: Enough out of you. I may be against the fur industry, but that won't stop me from skinning you alive! As long as no one wears the skin.

    Bob Barker's head: Next up in what is generously called the "Talent Competition", performing a traditional gangsta rap, Miss— What the—