Bob Barker

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Bob Barker
Bob Barker WWE.jpg
In 2009.
ProfessionGuest voice actor
Born12 December, 1923
Died26 August, 2023.
IMDB profilenm0054837
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This article is about the television host. For the Futurama character, see Bob Barker's head.

Robert William "Bob" Barker was an American television host and presenter who voiced his own head in a jar in "The Lesser of Two Evils". He is best known as the long-time host of the American daytime game show The Price Is Right from 1972 to 2007, and as the host of Truth or Consquences from 1956 to 1975. He is also well-known for his animal rights activism, and famously signed off each broadcast of The Price is Right with the phrase "Help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered". He has appeared as himself in many television shows and films, including Family Guy, The Nanny, and a famous appearance in Happy Gilmore where he got into a fistfight with Adam Sandler's title character.

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