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Family Guy
Family Guy BBS.png
Lars hanging a Family Guy 2000 calendar on the wall. [BBS]
Created bySeth MacFarlane
Country of originUnited States
First appearance"The Owner of Mars Attacks!" (US#003)
Producer(s)Seth McFarlanne
Runtime22 minutes
Production company(s)Fuzzy Door Productions
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Family Guy is a Fox animated show created by Seth MacFarlane. Family Guy and Futurama have referenced each other on more than one occasion.


This is a list of people who have been credited on both Futurama and Family Guy.
(In alphabetic order of surname)

Futurama in Family Guy

  • During the premiere skit in Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, released 27 September, 2005, a reporter on the red carpet asks Stewie Griffin if Fox has any plans to bring back Futurama. Family Guy and Futurama were both animated series on Fox that were cancelled and subsequently aired on Adult Swim; at the time of release Family Guy was scheduled to return but Futurama was not.
  • Bender makes a non-speaking appearance in the episode "The Splendid Source", aired 16 May, 2010, who heard the dirty joke from Al Harrington and passed it on to Tom Tucker. Peter describes this as "oddly enough, for some reason".

Family Guy in Futurama


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