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Adult Swim (rendered as [adult swim]) is a late-night programming block on the Cartoon Network in the United States, focused on more mature audiences. After the cancellation of Futurama during its original run, Adult Swim picked it up for cable reruns.

Commitment to Futurama

In a vast difference from FOX, Adult Swim conducted a strong promotional campaign for Futurama. Adult Swim obtained the rights to broadcast Futurama in 2003 on cable networks in the United States, and despite being forced to air new episodes after FOX, Futurama saw a more stable broadcast of its episodes on Adult Swim.

Adult Swim came almost to love the show itself, and remained focused on giving the show its rightful status with stable rerunning and even entire days dedicated to the show in form of marathons. Fans often cite Adult Swim's respectful handling of the show as how they originally became acquainted with the show and how they grew to love it. In fact, Adult Swim said they would be okay funding new episodes, but 20th Century Fox Television wasn't about to let that happen. Some go as far as claiming that Adult Swim is directly responsible for the revival of the show.

Adult Swim lost the rights to broadcast Futurama at the end of 2007, when Comedy Central sealed a deal to start broadcasting it on its cable channel from 1 January, 2008, in a deal with 20th Century Fox Television regarding the Direct-to-DVD films, which were to be released as episodes as well.

During the 2009 recasting ploy of the main cast of Futurama, Adult Swim responded to 20th Century Fox Television's and Comedy Central's handling of the situation, stating that if it failed again and they once again received broadcasting rights, they would handle it properly – once more.

Additional Info


  • In an episode of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Futurama is referenced by Master Shake as being at "Carl Central", an obvious cryptonym for Comedy Central. He then proceed to say that "he didn't even want it until we had it."
  • When Adult Swim aired Futurama most of the episodes were TV-PG and a few TV-14 this may be because Futurama was generally aimed towards audiences of 12 years old and up.
  • Much like Family Guy Adult Swim shared Futurama's rights with sister-network TBS, and it ended when Adult Swim's rights expired in 2007.

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