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A cyclophage in the Planet Express attic, in 3010. [6ACV01]
HomeworldCyclophage Preserve
First appearance"Rebirth"
Voiced byFrank Welker

Cyclophages, or cyclops eaters, are an endangered species which lived in the Cyclophage Preserve and whose only source of prey was cyclopes. [6ACV01] According to Leela's wishes, if she ever went into a permanent coma, she wanted to be sacrificed to a cyclophage. While the Planet Express crew was there fulfilling her wish, Bender's obnoxious partying woke her up during the ceremony.

The crew then escaped from the cyclophage, back to Earth where the monster was thought dealt with for a while, only to appear when Bender refused to dance any longer to burn off his energy. As his cabinet started boiling, one of his eyes fell out and the cyclops eater's attention was drawn on Bender for a taste of a robot cyclops. Unfortunately for the monster, Bender exploded in its neck, killing the monster and relieving Bender of having to party to burn off energy.

A cyclophage in a zoo on Simian 7, in 3013. [7ACV17]

Additional Info


  • The cyclophage seems to be a nod to Mother Brain, from the Super NES game Super Metroid. Indeed, when Bender finally kills it, its color changes to a tone similar to the one that Mother Brain changes to when she is killed.
  • Ironically, the cyclophage itself is a cyclops. This means that cannibalism may have contributed to the species' decline.
  • Cyclophages have tongues similar to those of frogs, which they use to grab their prey from great distances.
  • They are able to withstand the rigours of the vacuum of space without any physical consequences.
    • The skin is apparently resistant to pressure changes. The exterior of the cyclophage is completely intact despite the explosion.
  • Upon death, the cyclophage's skin turns from a rust-red colour to grey.