DOOP hovercopters

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DOOP hovercopters
DOOP Heli 1.png
First appearance"War Is the H-Word" (2ACV17)

DOOP hovercopters are specifically those hovercopters owned by the DOOP Army, and like all hovercopters they are able to enter space as well as a planetary atmosphere. There are two types of the DOOP hovercopter, both resembling 20th and 21st Century U.S. Army helicopters. The first type are similar to Chinook helicopters and appear to serve a role as gunships, transports, and landing craft. The second have a similar appearance to the Bell 47 (as used in the Korean War). Used for the same actions as the first type, they also function as medical transports.

Additional Info


  • In "War Is the H-Word", hovercopters fly over an army camp which looks identical to the M*A*S*H camp. The second hovercopter was introduced in this scene and therefore looks like the Bell 47, which was used in the Korean War, and so appears in M*A*S*H.