Dave Spiegel and Fluffers

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Tertiary characters
Dave Spiegel and Fluffers
Dave Spiegel.jpg
On the left.
GenderMale (Dave Spiegel)
Female (Fluffers)
Planet of originProbably Earth, USA, New New York
First appearance"I Second that Emotion" (2ACV01)

Dave Spiegel is a small animal owned by Fluffers. They are both Aliens. It appears that they go to Vet Jeffrey Grant (2ACV01). The two also came in third place at the pet show, having been beaten only by Bender's pet, The Wooping Terrier, and the Hypnotoad (3ACV07).

Additional Info


  • The shot always shows Dave's head first, and only shows his full body later.
  • Fluffers is possibly a takeoff on the Felix Sapiens species on the series Red Dwarf.
  • Although the DVD has Fluffers in 3rd place, behind Bender and Zoidberg, Fluffers is given 2nd place on the TV due to Bender's competition being cut, likely due to time.


    Pet-show judge: Third place goes to Dave Spiegel and his owner Fluffers.