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Secondary character
SpeciesRobot (Bending Unit)
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"The Lesser of Two Evils" (2ACV06)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Flexo is a Bending Unit robot of model #22, the same model as and therefore identical to Bender in almost every possible respect, except that he has a stylish metal goatee attached.


Flexo, being a Bending Unit, is identical to Bender in appearance as well as most mannerisms. Like Bender, his finish is "Foghat Grey" (as opposed to gold, as explained in "The Farnsworth Parabox"). Even his voice is identical to Bender's, and when the two are forced to fight, the fight is perfectly symmetrical. The sole exception to their identical appearance is the fact that Flexo has a black metal goatee affixed to the base of his head. It is not known whether this goatee is Flexo's personal addition, or if he was created with it. However, Bender apparently owns a similar one (which he wore in "Bendless Love") which suggests that it may be an optional feature included with all bending units.

Flexo is similar to Bender in that he often interjects conversations with cruel and cutting remarks, however he is unlike Bender in that he universally follows them up with a hearty laugh, and a compliment to the person at whom the "insult" was directed. For instance, in "The Lesser of Two Evils", he remarks to Fry that sharing the watch for the Jumbonium atom was him "8 hours of solid boredom" only to follow with a laugh and "nah I'm kiddin', you're a wonderful man!" Flexo's comments can be reversed as well as seen in "Bendless Love" when he is slapped by Bender and says, "Thanks, I appreciate that. Nah, I'm joshing with you, that was quite annoying!" While initially it is assumed by Fry, that this is a deceptive personality trait; it later becomes apparent that he is, in fact, genuinely kind.


Flexo was built by the same arm as Bender and other bending units. The two of them crossed paths when Fry demonstrated an ancient car to his friends and ran Flexo over, he had to be restored by the Professor and Amy in a lengthy operation. Flexo proved to be instrumental in foiling the attempted theft of a valuable atom of Jumbonium, needed for the Miss Universe. He was arrested after the atom's retrieval because of his similarity to Bender, the real culprit (2ACV06).

Flexo later crossed paths with Bender at Curvetti Bros. Bending Plant, where Bender fell in love with Flexo's ex-wife Angle-ine (3ACV06).

He is later seen during the Annual e-Waste Recycling Festival in a hazardous waste bin, arguing that bending units are dangerously outdated. Whether he was actually destroyed or not is yet to be known (6ACV03).


Additional Info


  • Flexo's Serial Number is 3370318, a number expressible as the sum of two cubes (1193 + 1193)
  • Flexo was going to appear on "Crimes of the Hot" but was taken out to avoid confusion with the fans who haven't seen him before.
  • Flexo's head appears briefly in "Bendless Love", in the bin where Bender's head comes from. It's not sure if this is the actual Flexo, or if it is a similar-looking Bending Unit.
  • The idea of a nearly-identical-except-with-a-beard version of someone being evil is a reference to the Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror", where Spock from an alternate, evil universe has a beard.
  • He apparently hates dancing, according to Anglelyne.
  • He is seen in the Bender's Game DVD featurette "How to draw Futurama", as a bonus step on drawing Bender; at the end, a goatee is added to where Bender's chin would be.


    Flexo: Whatever it takes to shut your yapper. Nah, I'm just kidding, you're a joker.

    [After being slapped by Bender.]
    Flexo: Thanks, I appreciate that. Nah, I'm joshing with you, that was quite annoying!

    [Flexo was just crushed by an unbendable girder.]
    Angle-ine: Flexo, are you okay?
    Flexo: Sure, never better. [coughs] Nah, I'm yankin' your chain, I'm dying.

    Bender: Flexo, what are you doing in a hazardous waste bin?
    Flexo: Haven't you heard? Us bending units are dangerously outdated. We overheat, we're radioactive, we cause erectile dysfunc— [Bender shuts e-wastebin.]
    Farnsworth: Who were you talking to?
    Bender: No one? Your mama? Shut up? Take your pick.