Free Waterfall, Sr.

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Secondary character
Deceased character
Free Waterfall, Sr.
Free Waterfall,-Sr..jpg
Free Waterfall, Sr. aboard the Penguins Unlimited ship in March 3001 (3ACV05).
Date of deathMarch 3001
RelativesSee Waterfall family
First appearance"The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz" (3ACV05)
Voiced byPhil Hendrie

Free Waterfall, Sr. was the father of Free Waterfall, Jr., the son of Old Man Waterfall, and the founder of the ecological group Penguins Unlimited.


In March 3001, he led a non-violent protest against having a dark matter tanker fly past Pluto, which had been turned into a penguin reserve (3ACV05). He led a peace ring around the tanker, which failed due to the three-dimensional nature of space. When the tanker's captain dumped the entire load of dark matter onto the penguin reserve, Waterfall, Sr. observed that the dark matter was nature's "love drug" and that it made the penguins extra fertile.

To avoid overpopulation of the penguins, he initiated penguin hunting season as an effort to lower the population, much to the dismay of Leela, who thought she had found some sanity in his organization's humanitarian efforts. However, Waterfall, Sr. was pecked to death by penguins when Bender led them to war, and his father vowed to avenge his death.

Waterfall, Sr. fully embraced his life as a conservationist. He stopped his followers from clapping their hands because it could kill spores that would eventually form a nutritious fungus. He also told his followers to keep their hands warm by sticking them between their buttocks, declaring it "nature's pocket". As he was being killed by the penguins, he said to make sure that they used every part of his body.

Additional Info


  • He represents animal rights activist group leaders.
  • Unlike his father and niece, he did not appear in a prior episode vowing to avenge the death of his recently deceased relative (in this case, Free Waterfall Jr. in The Problem With Popplers.