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Heroes 7ACV02.png
Heroes just after being unveiled, [7ACV02] in Dick Francisco, Mars, in 3012. On the podium are the headless clone of Agnew, Nixon, the Great Reveal-o, Kif, and Zapp Brannigan. Also present is the huge-assed woman.
LocationDick Francisco, Mars
First appearance"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)

Heroes was a statue that, in 3012, Zapp Brannigan unveiled on Mars, [7ACV02] at the inauguration of the newly founded city of Dick Francisco, as a solemn testimony to those left behind on Earth in the evacuation of the planet prompted by the 3012 phenomenon. It was built from the remains of the stone spaceship used for the evacuation, which, at Zapp Brannigan's command, was dismantled for the construction. It was destroyed during the Martian apocalypse.

There were snakes inside — presumably the same as the ones found in the spaceship.

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