Great Reveal-o

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Tertiary character
Great Reveal-o
The Great Reveal-o.png
The Great Reveal-o releasing doves at the unveiling of Dick Francisco. [7ACV02]
First appearance"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

The Great Reveal-o is a magician who, unlike most magicians, reveals his own secrets. Zoidberg dislikes him, saying he "stinks". He was chosen to board the stone spaceship to Mars in 3012, and appeared at the unveiling of the city of Dick Francisco. [7ACV02]

Additional Info


    Fry: A magician never reveals his secrets! Except the Great Reveal-o.
    Zoidberg: That guy stinks.

    Great Reveal-o: The doves didn't magically spring from my hand, but rather were crammed into this netting sewn into my sleeve!