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Secondary character
Cornwood character
Age~30 (see Mom's sons#Age)
RelativesSee family section
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Ignus is the youngest and dumbest of Momon's sons. Because he is the youngest, his horns are the shortest. He is the only one of to be the son of Great Wizard Greyfarn.

When Cornwood was created, Igner from Universe Γ became Ignus. His role in Cornwood is the same as in Universe Γ, as the least competent of his mother's sons. He is often left behind while his brothers take on the more important jobs, such as Momon's Invasion of Wipe Castle. He found out that he is actually the son of Grayfarn while eavesdropping on his mom. He revealed this to Grayfarn when they fought at the Geysers of Gygax.

When Momon destroyed Cornwood, he became Igner again and helped his father make Dark Matter useless as fuel.

Character Description


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    Ignus: Quick. Get on the magic bug.
    Greyfarn: It's not a magic bug, you dope. It's a magic arachnid. Can't you count the legs?
    Ignus: No.
    Greyfarn: Six, seven, eight. Not six, eight! I'll kill you, you imbecile!

    Ignus: Please, I'm trying to help you.
    Greyfarn: Then why are you hitting me with a stick? How stupid are you that you think that's helping?
    Ignus: Mommy never told you about my father.
    Greyfarn: She said he was a foul He-demon.
    Ignus: Exactly. [He clicks off his lightsaber device.] You are my father.
    Greyfarn: No. No, that's impossible.
    Ignus: Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
    Greyfarn: No! [He hits his head with his staff.] No! [He hits his head with the staff again.]
    Ignus: Ya-huh! I heard Mommy say so.