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An image gallery is the Infosphere's way of showing images concerning an article simply and clearly. The section is visible in the Additional information section of an article.


An example of an image gallery, from the article Thuban 9.


A demonstration of how to create the image gallery above.

Image:Thubanian citizens.jpg|[[Thubanians|Thubanian citizens]]
Image:The Chicken-Salmon.jpg|The [[Chicken-Salmon]]
Image:Sleeping in the day.jpg|Sleeping in the day
Image:Sleeping in the night.jpg|Sleeping in the night
Image:Too hot.jpg|Too hot
Image:Too cold.jpg|Too cold
Image:The top scientists.jpg|The top scientists

The gallery will show four images per row, by default. If you want it to show a different number, replace <gallery> with <gallery perrow=N>, where N is the number of images wished per row.