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This article in a nutshell:
Articles should be written with a focus on the topic's impact on or existence in Futurama.

Despite The Infosphere's general rule, that as long as the content has anything to do with Futurama, it can have an article, there are certain exceptions and things to consider. These can be considered niche issues, but issues nonetheless.

What isn't relevant

While there are of course certain tweaks and discussions related to every matter, there are certain things that can easily be dismissed.

  1. In depth information about real-world topics that would be better served as links to Wikipedia, topic specific wikis or news articles.
  2. Information completely unrelated to Futurama.

What to put in an article and what not to

Article provides little to no information
It would better serve as a redirect instead. Some editor may find more content to the subject later on.
Separate articles on non-Futurama topics
Series referred to regularly, such as The Simpsons or Star Trek, merit articles describing references to and from the franchises but not articles detailing plot summaries of individual episodes
  • Possible exceptions to this rule; If there were to be an episode that focused on Futurama, it would merit either a section in that franchise's article or an article of it's own.
  • The Simpsons Comics #87, "Hail to the Cat" merits an article, not as a comic article but as a location article, due to it being the setting of the first comic crossover.
Real person / company / object articles
Generally only a short description of their 20th/21st Century state and only parts of their history referenced in Futurama needs to be covered.

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