King of Cornwood

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Secondary character
Cornwood character
"King of Cornwood"
First appearanceBender's Game
Voiced byDavid Herman

The King of Cornwood was an insane robot that ruled over all of Cornwood from Wipe Castle. He believed he had a hotel in his foot, often said he is not 'boogaly woogaly moogly' and believed in laughing, flying avocados. Notoriously, the King sent his army to its doom against the scallops. He was briefly sane after an orc hit him on the head, but was returned to his abnormal state when he was hit again.

Additional Information



    King: You calling me crazy!? Just 'cause I got a hotel in my foot, don't make me a BOOGALEE-WOOGALEE-MOOGALEE!

    King: Stop laughing at me, flying avacado!

    King: [To a passing orc.] What the...!? You're not made of Tuesday! [The orc hits him over the head with a club.] My sanity! It's back! At last I can live the life I always... [The orc hits him again. He falls to the ground.] AH! BOOGALEEWOOGALEEMOOGALLEE!