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Secondary character
Date of birth3001
Planet of originEarth
RelativesMom, creator
First appearance"Insane in the Mainframe" (3ACV11)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Roberto is a criminally insane manbot, serial bank robber, and an old friend of Bender's. He was built in 3001 by a team of engineers with a desire to build a completely insane robot. According to Roberto, however, "they failed!" Yet, he is still one of the most unstable and dangerous robots in New New York. He robbed a bank but got away while Bender and Fry were arrested for his crime. After robbing the same bank a second time, he was put in the same robot asylum as Fry and Bender (and unfortunately Fry's new cellmate). After escaping with Bender, he robbed the bank a third time, and took cover in the Planet Express building, holding the employees hostage. After a scuffle with Fry (and the revelation that his mental and emotional problems may have been the result of years of abuse), he jumped out the window and was eventually caught. He later appeared to be upgraded to accept next generation Robots. He was also at Nixon's Big Robot Party where all robots were to be destroyed. Eventually he was sent to jail on Will Riker's Island and seems to have replaced his knife with a sock.

In 3012, Roberto attempted to mug Hermes and LaBarbara, demanding that they hand over their skin. However the mugging was foiled by police officers Smitty and URL, and he was taken to the electromagnetic chair to be executed. This execution was broadcast on television. [7ACV07]

He was buried in the robot cemetery, but it wasn't long before his grave was robbed by Hermes, Bender, and the Professor who were in search of a robot brain. Roberto's brain was then taken back to Planet Express and was placed in a robotic version of Hermes' body, where then proceeded to attack the crew with a key. Roberto peeled off a piece of Hermes' skin and ate it. However due to the skin absorbing years of LaBarbara's hot cooking, it melted Roberto's body and he changed into a metallic puddle on the floor of the observation deck. [7ACV07]

In 3013, Roberto had somehow been reincarnated and attempted to rob Zoidberg's new girlfriend Marianne's flower stand. However, he refused to carry the money in a bag, because he cared about the environment. [7ACV25]

When the universe froze, in 3013, Roberto was fleeing Smitty and URL in a hovercar. [7ACV26]

In Bender's alternative reality, Cornwood, Roberto was the king. [BG]

Additional info


Roberto has an interest in stabbing things, and even has his own "Stabbing Knife" almost everywhere he goes. It seems to be a deranged favorite hobby of his.

  • He mentions his "mother" during the only real time he has shown any fear. Who he is referring to may or may not be Mom, the creator of most Robots in the universe. Roberto brings up that she welded him to a wall at one point which seems to be one of the reasons for his insanity. However, in Bender's Game, he implies that he was built as an insane Robot.
    • It's possible these memories of his "mother" were implanted in him to make him insane.
  • Roberto eventually comes to terms with the fact he is crazy; in "The Six Million Dollar Mon," he claims there's nothing crazy about him but his brain.
  • Roberto is the third Build-a-Bot in the Toynami Futurama figure line. He is also the first to only go through two series instead of three (with two figures a series).
  • The shape of his eyes resembles some sort of mask and his body resembles a tombstone which fits with his personality, being a person who loves to rob and stab things.


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    Roberto: You call yourself a robot?! Ha-HAA!
    Fry: I'm not a robot! I'M NOT A ROBOT! (screams)

    Roberto: [He wheels Bender on a stretcher.] I'm in disguise cause I'm thinking of escaping. You in, or do I gotta kill you so you don't squeal?!
    Bender: I'm in, I'm in! So... when were you planning the breakout?
    Roberto: I'm thinking... maybe a few seconds ago. [The camera zooms out, and the Robot Aslyum is seen in the distance.]

    Roberto: [His catchphrase.] Ha-HAA!

    Roberto: Well, looks like ol' Roberto's the focus of attention now! [pause] STOP LOOKING AT ME! Ha-HAA!

    Roberto: Back off, I've got hostages!
    Zoidberg: Hooray, I'm helping!
    Smitty: Do you have any better hostages?

    Roberto: Help! Help! He is a battle-droid! Somebody help me! Mommy! I'm sorry I spilled the transmission fluid, Mommy! No! No! Don't weld me to the wall, Mommy!

    Roberto: I'm not crazy! Don't call me crazy! I...I'm just not user friendly!

    Roberto: Hey Bender, you ever killed a man with a sock? It ain't so hard. Ha-HAA!

    Roberto: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10. Guess it, and you die first! GO!!!
    Bender: Umm...OK..Fifty...six...ish?
    Roberto: Fifty six? Fifty six?! Aw, man! Now that's all I can think about! I'm gonna kill you, fifty six-ing...Ha-HAA!

    Fry: (He gets shot in the leg.) WAAAH! I GOT SHOT IN THE LEG! (He falls over.)
    Bender: Roberto?! What are you doing here?
    Roberto: What? A fella can't drop in on old friends and hold them hostage?
    Zoidberg: I'm good. And you?
    Smitty: (on a speaker) Attention, criminal robot in the building! Come out with your hands up!
    Bender: NEVER!
    Smitty: Uh, other guy.
    Roberto: Listen up, piggies! I want a hovercopter. And an unmarked sandwich. And a new face with, like, a... A Hugh Grant look. And every five minutes I don't get it, someone's gonna get stabbed in the ass!
    Zoidberg: He's bluffing. (He gets stabbed.) OUCH! HE'S NOT BLUFFING!
    (Smitty and URL come in.)
    URL: You call for a chopper?
    URL: One chopper coming right up. (He knocks Roberto out.)