Le Palm D'Orbit

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Le Palm D'Orbit
Le Palm D'Orbit.png
LocationIn orbit around Amazonia
First appearance"Amazon Women in the Mood" (3ACV01)

Le Palm D'Orbit was a restaurant that orbited the planet Amazonia. It seemed to be doing quite well on the night that Zapp, Leela, Kif, and Amy, went there for half of a double-date (3ACV01). It wasn't until Zapp started singing his version of The Kinks' Lola on the karaoke machine that everyone, including the pilot, fled the ship. He quickly assumed command of the restaurant, but eventually lost control. The restaurant then crashed on Amazonia.

Additional Info


  • Despite French being a dead language, it apparently still exists in a similar form like Latin does today.
    • The name is more "Frenglish" than actual French.
  • The name originates from the Cannes film festival, where the award given to the best film is awarded the Palme D'Or
  • Its design resembles Theme Building of the Los Angeles International Airport.