Osiris 4

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Osiris 4
Osiris 4.jpg
Inhabited byOsirians
First appearance"A Pharaoh to Remember" (3ACV17)

Osiris 4 is a desert planet orbiting a binary system. It has a culture similar to that of ancient Egypt, because the two races were apparently in brief contact when the Egyptians visited Osirians thousands of years ago. The upper classes and High Priest live lazily while numerous slaves work building numerous large monuments and other structures. The planet was briefly ruled by Bender following the death of Pharaoh Hamenthotep. Most who visit the planet never want to leave, though that is because they have no choice as they are enslaved the moment their ship touches down.

In 3017, Bender traveled back to Osiris 4 to force the slaves to rebuild the monument to himself.

Locations of Interest

Additional Info

Bender's giant statue with his tomb under the right foot.


  • Osiris 4 is clearly based on Ancient Egypt as Fry points out in the episode.
  • The resemblance between Egypt and Osiris 4 is explained by one of the aliens stating they learned much from the Egyptians, among which includes space travel. This is a reference to the many conspiracy theories stating that Egyptians and other ancient cultures might have learned from aliens.
  • It vaguely resembles Sebek from Fury³. The planet resembles Ancient Egypt due to the pyramids, rivers and wide open desert.
  • It also vaguely resembles Abydos, the planet from the 1994 film Stargate.


Worlds of Tomorrow

Space Mission

Name Planet Fuel needed Unlock requirements Enemies
Shipping District:
Worship Tour 3017
"Let the prostrating begin."
Osiris 4 Path 1: 14
Path 2: 16
Path 3: 17
Requires Pharaoh Bender
Paramecium WOT.png Giant Space Bee WOT.png Robot Pirate WOT.png
Paramecium Giant Space Bee Robot Pirate