Perfume saleswoman

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Tertiary character
Perfume saleswoman
The saleswoman talking with Amy and Bender.
ProfessionPerfume sales
First appearance"A Fishful of Dollars" (1ACV06)
Voiced byLauren Tom

The perfume saleswoman is one of the employees at Alien Overlord & Taylor. She is a somewhat aggressive salesperson encountered by the Planet Express crew when they enter the store, and she offers to test her product on Amy (1ACV06). While Amy is declining, the saleswoman sprays perfume on Amy and causes her to cough and swear in Cantonese. The saleswoman then sprays Bender with the perfume against his will, but Bender responds by spraying her with oil.

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  • The saleswoman looks very similar to the jingle singer in Bender's Big Score, as seen above.


    Perfume saleswoman: Hi! Care to sample the latest fragrance from Calvin Clone?
    Amy: No thanks.
    [The saleswoman sprays her. Amy curses in Cantonese and walks away rubbing her eyes.]
    Perfume saleswoman: And you, sir?
    Bender: No thanks. I --
    [The saleswoman sprays him. Bender sprays her back with oil, covering her face. She coughs and splutters.]