Dr. Amy Wong

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Primary character
Dr. Amy Wong
Wáng Àimǐ
Date of birthSomewhere between 22 November and 22 December, 2979
Planet of originMars
ProfessionLong-term Intern at Planet Express
RelativesSee family section
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)
Voiced byLauren Tom

Amy Wong, Ph.D., is a human from Mars who is of Chinese descent, sole heir to half the planet, and a Doctor of Applied Physics. She is a primary character and is known as a klutz and socialite. She is always seen wearing her pink outfit pictured to the right, because of the pressure from her extremely wealthy parents to look smart and presentable but she doesn't like this idea.


Amy is friendly and easily gets along with others but she is also a bit of a klutz. She has attracted several men in her time, most notably Kif Kroker, her fonfon ru. Amy also appears to have some level of vanity and is concerned about her appearance. She is engaged in a constant low-intensity feud with Leela, the only other female at Planet Express, whom she often accuses of not being ladylike enough to be a true woman. Even so, they remain friends.

Despite her usual intelligence, Amy can be absent-minded. A notable example being removing Dr. Zoidberg's restraints no less than eight times, despite injuries she endured each time. Amy also has little concept of money, having offered to pay more for a hovercar than its sticker price and needing to be reminded by Leela that $10,000 is more than $5,000.


Mini-golf junior champion

Early Life

Amy Wong was raised by her parents, Leo and Inez, on Wong Ranch, a farm that covers the entire western hemisphere of Mars. During her teenage years she had a weight problem, but enjoyed the perks that come from having rich parents such as having multiple ponies and a pet buggalo. In her spare time Amy took up miniature golf in a failed attempt to impress her father, becoming a champion in tournaments.

Mars University and an Internship

Joining Mars University's student body, thanks to a donation from her parents, Amy began an engineering degree and joined the family sorority, Kappa Kappa Wong along with Sigma Beta. In 2998, while studying at MU she took an internship at Planet Express, a company owned by Professor Farnsworth, one of her teachers (technically, despite the fact that no one take his class. He made up the name of it so everyone would be scared of it, and he has no clue how to teach.) While the job involves engineering work, Amy would occasionally join the delivery crew on the ship, learning how to fly it and control the winch in order to save the current crew.

A chance meeting

On a company vacation aboard the Titanic, Amy, in order to avoid having her parents set her up with an unpleasant fat man, lied about currently having a boyfriend. Fortunately for her, this ruse ended shortly before evacuating, and her parents finally set her up with someone she liked; the Titanic's new captain, Kif Kroker. After being dropped off back at Planet Express by her Amphibiosan love interest, he became too nervous to talk to her and instead began calling and hanging up, which he did for an entire year. They also managed to avoid seeing each other during his brief stint as the company's ship's First Mate. Amy moved on and resumed dating other men, including a short term romance with Fry, which ended with his head surgically attached to her body. Fortunately, his body was soon repaired and the head was put back in place.

Eventually, after one of Kif's failed phone calls, Zapp used the couple for a chance to get close to Leela. Zapp crashed and burned, taking the restaurant-ship with him, but Kif and Amy's relationship managed to begin anew. Despite having introduced them, Amy's parents did not approve of Kif when she brought him home for Mars Day and although he later saved her life when she was kidnapped by the Native Martians, they didn't believe it.

Long distance relationship

Due to Kif's career, the couple were forced to maintain the relationship long distance. Amy spent this time at work, following a band on tour and becoming an honourary Globetrotter but eventually decided to sneak on board the Planet Express ship and steal it while the crew was sleeping. This rendezvous led to Kif's impregnation, which almost split the couple up, but once it became clear that their offspring would remain in a swamp for twenty years to develop into children, she came around. Not too long after this she temporarily became a child again herself due to an accident at a health spa, and may have come out of the experience slightly younger than where she started. They continued to date, spending the day on a paddle plane or spending the night at a reception for the silk surplus.

Fonfon Rubok

Amy's and Kif's Fonfon Rubok

In the following years Amy had grown her hair long until it was burned down to the previous length by Bender. Soon after became one of many victims of scammers who took control of the whole of planet Earth. After the planet was reclaimed, Amy and Kif had a Fonfon Rubok; the marriage fell apart soon after, when Kif was killed by Zapp's incompetence. He was brought back, but after learning that she and Zapp had spent a night together, he left her.

The golfing feminist

Having long sought the approval of her father, she initially defended him against Leela for his views on women but eventually couldn't take the criticism, joining the Feministas to get back at him. The group's history leads to their arrest, but they are broken out by Bender and after Leo's plan is foiled, she is reunited with Kif as they and her co-workers escape from Zapp down a wormhole.

Proposition Infinity

After crashing the ship into Earth and being rebirthed, Amy has a long fight with Kif that leads to their break-up when he cannot stand her flirting with bad boys. Supporting this theory, Amy starts a robosexual relationship with Bender, and they decide to marry and votes to legalize robosexual marriage. However Bender leaves her upon realising she wants a monogamous wedding, and she returns to Kif, who now has turned a bad boy for her.

Doctor of Applied Physics

Amy's graduation from Mars University

In 3010, having worked as an intern for twelve years, Amy presented her thesis to the Professors at Mars University. She fails to get her doctorate the first time, but it is revealed that Professor Morris Katz, one of the Professors that failed her, was actually an alien cat who then stole the Earth's rotational energy using the very device Amy had just designed and been failed for. Amy used her skills as a scientist to solve the problem by causing the Earth to rotate in the opposite direction and earn her PhD in applied physics. Despite this achievement, however, she stays at Planet Express after Professor Fisherprice Shpeekenshpell describes the job market as "rough".

Character Description



(In chronological order):

Though this has yet to occur in the main universe, two of Amy's alternate universe counterparts have had romances with the alternate versions of Professor Farnsworth. The Hippy universe version of Amy seemed to be involved with Hippy Farnsworth. The Cornwood version of Amy, Gynecaladriel, seduced and made out with Greyfarn, although the Planet Express crew all remembered their Cornwood selves so for Amy and Farnsworth it technically did happen. Additionally, by the year 3050, Amy is involved in a relationship with Cubert who is the Professor's clone.

Additional Info


Amy Wong
  • Amy's parents have always wanted grandchildren, but Amy is the adoptive mother of Kif's children. When Kif's children emerge, Amy's parents disown them for being ugly. (8ACV02)
  • Aside from Scruffy, Nibbler, and the Planet Express Ship, she is the only Planet Express employee to not have her name in an episode title.
  • Amy is a notorious klutz. She loses things, is the victim/cause of many accidents, and frequently falls over or trips on things.
  • Before she met Kif, Amy had few boyfriends. She often made Leela jealous or angry of her looks in spite of the fact that Leela is considered by everyone to be much better looking.
  • At Mars U., Amy was a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Wong and was an engineering student of Professor Farnsworth.
  • On two occasions, she has had a relationship with Fry. (see Fry-Amy relationship for more info)
  • Despite being socially aware and 'bubbly', she is a bit of a ditz and suffers from her own naivete (physically and socially) in many episodes.
  • Speaks Yeti.
  • Is on the Mars University javelin team. (3ACV06)
  • Like her parents, when she gets mad or frustrated, she starts speaking Cantonese, a Chinese dialect; however, Lauren Tom has made mistakes and Mandarin occasionally slips in (1ACV02, 2ACV12, 3ACV01, BBS, ItWGY, 6ACV08).
  • Is an honorary Globetrotter.
  • Is the only staff member not seen in the game.
  • Has several tattoos at various places, including at least four talking tattoos (one on her upper right arm and three presumably on her buttock (she also has a tattoo of her mother on her ass) one of which neighs like a horse) and one obscene tattoo on her left upper arm, which cannot be viewed on a standard definition TV. A drink recipe commemorating her tattoo can be found here.
  • Has the same blood type as Professor Farnsworth. This is probably the only reason Professor Farnsworth keeps her around (1ACV02).
  • Has a pet Buggalo named Betsy.
  • An alternate version of her named Gynecaladriel appeared in Bender's Game.
  • Her email is [email protected], suggesting she is born in 2979. (BBS)
  • Is highly allergic to cats. (6ACV08)
  • Had cuteness-reduction surgery (3ACV09).
  • Her star sign is Sagittarius, which puts her birth date in late November or early to mid December.
    • Except that on 1st December 2979 the Sun as seen from Mars is on the border between Virgo and Leo. Sagittarius is on the opposite side of the sky. Of course one shouldn't expect astrology to have anything to do with the actual positions of objects in the sky, but still...
  • According to "The Prisoner of Benda", she has been an employee at Planet Express since at least 2992. If her birth year is in fact 2979, that would mean she won Employee of the Year at the age of 13. On the other hand, given the general level of competence of Planet Express employees, perhaps it is not that surprising that a 13-year old would win.

Catchphrase and running jokes

Amy doesn't have a specific catchphrase, but frequently spouts futuristic slang in place of common modern colloqiualisms, the most common being one that replaces "Duh!". Variations include:

In the same vein, Amy also routinely utters variations on the word "Sheesh!", for example, "Spleesh!". Being the only young, hip character on the show, this constantly shifting slang is obviously a nod to the constantly changing "cool things to say" that pop culture tosses around and then tosses aside over time.

Also, whenever she falls or slips, she screams and the same soundbite is used each time. The sound of something breaking usually follows. She also frequently comments on Leela's looks or hygiene in a very tactless, catty and often insulting way.

She also has a habit of denying a strange thing if people comment on her. In "When Aliens Attack", Nibbler runs away with her bra, and the professor hands her a can to spray a new bra on. After spraying a new bra on, she asks the professor how she looks. The professor says that she looks like a cheap French harlot, to which she denyingly and a bit angrily replies: "French?" In "The Farnsworth Parabox", the Amy of universe 1 calls her evil and shallow, to which she replies: "I am not evil!"


    Amy: Sporty go-cart, Leela, so hip and sexy. Not like you at all.
    Disputed canon

    Amy: Ew, pukeatronic!

    Leela: [after deep-sea fishing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean] Aha! [She throws the harpoon and starts pulling it in.] Gather round, chumps! I got the winner! [Realising she has harpooned an old boot, she sighs.]
    Amy: Oh, so this is where you shop for your boots!

    Amy: Hey, let's go car shopping! My parents said if I got all B's they'd buy me a bar. And I got all C's!

    Amy: Hey Professor, what's all this scrumpf blorking out of the machine?

    Amy: Spam, Spam... Hi, How Are You? Ooh, that must be from Kiffy.

    Leela: I have sweaty boot rash.
    Amy: No spluh, why do you think I'm sitting over here in the stink-free zone?

    Dr. Wernstrom: Young lady, have you been drinking?
    Amy: Well, yes. But that's not revelant.

    Amy: Shoo! Stay away from my babies!


Dr. Amy Wong appears in all episodes (not counting film episodes), due to being visible in the opening sequence. The list below consists of appearances outside of the theme only.
While Amy appears in most media (does not appear in "Space Pilot 3000", "Fear of a Bot Planet", "Brannigan, Begin Again", "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz", "Roswell that Ends Well" (outside of the opening sequence) and "The Devil and Professor F."), these categories may be of interest: