Planet XXX

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Planet XXX
Planet XXX.png
The planet as seen in a hologram by Professor Farnsworth, Fry, Bender, Amy, Zoidberg and Hermes at Planet Express in 3010 (6ACV02).
Inhabited byA variety of species, including Nudar and his gang
First appearanceBender's Big Score

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A beach on the planet (BBS).

Planet XXX (also known as the Nude Beach Planet) was a scenic beach planet where visitors were required to be completely naked to enter. Planet Express received a mission in 3007 to deliver some bar stool softener to the planet.

It is unclear if this planet has its own indigenous population, but it is inhabited by a constant stream of tourists.

However, in 3010, the planet was destroyed by the V-GINY Censor-ship, because the actions showcased on Planet XXX were deemed immoral and filthy, which was the beginning of a set of targets followed by Poopiter, that world that can't be mentioned in polite company and finally Earth, the latter of which was not destroyed.

Additional Info[edit]