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Tertiary character
Recruitment officer
Recruitment officer.png
The recruitment officer at the Earth Army Recruiting Center, in 3001. [2ACV17] Behind him is the Old Freebie.
ProfessionEarth sergeant
First appearance"War Is the H-Word" (2ACV17)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The recruitment officer is an Earth Army officer who, in 3001, recruited Fry and Bender. [2ACV17] In 3009, he attended the ceremony for the implosion of the violet dwarf star. [ItWGY] In 3010, he attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party. [6ACV12]

In 3013, by when he was a sergeant, the officer was awarded the Purple Heart for finding the remote control of the Oval Office's T.V. for President Nixon. [7ACV19] Because the Purple Heart is awarded to people who have been wounded or killed and the officer had not been wounded, Nixon shot him with a laser gun, seemingly in the heart.

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    Fry: Just outta curiosity, we could use the cards to buy gum... then immediately quit the army. Right? [2ACV17]
    Bender: You know... Playin' you all for chumps?
    Recruitment officer: Correct. There's no obligation. [Fry and Bender laugh as they sign their papers. The officer takes the papers back.] Unless, of course, war were declared.
    [A siren sounds and a red light flashes.]
    Fry: What's that?
    Recruitment officer: War were declared.

    Recruitment officer: Mr President. [He salutes Nixon.] I found the T.V. remote. [7ACV19]
    Nixon: Good work, Sergeant. [The officer hands Vice-President Agnew the remote.] I'm awarding you the Purple Heart.
    Recruitment officer: But I... wasn't injured.
    [Nixon shoots the officer. The officer grunts.
    A trapdoor opens beneath him. He screams as he falls.]


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