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Rough Draft Studios' current logo.

Rough Draft Studios is the animation company that Futurama uses for its production. The studio was founded by Gregg Vanzo in 1991. Other than Futurama, the animation studio also works for The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad! and many more. From the sixth season of Futurama, more animation work is done by the overseas department Rough Draft, Korea.


The former logo of Rough Draft Studios [citation needed] seen in "A Big Piece of Garbage" as a coffee stain.

Gregg Vanzo founded the studios in a garage in Van Nuys, California in 1991. A year and half later, he decided to leave the country together with his wife Nikki Vanzo to set up a branch in Korea. After three years of work, they had set up Rough Draft, Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

After training Korean animators, he went back to the United States, where he met Claudia Katz to be the producer for the studio's first series, The Maxx. Gregg's brother, Scott Vanzo became head of the digital department, while Gregg and Claudia assembled an animation staff.

In 1995, they hired Rich Moore and Bret Haaland as head directors, and moved to a much bigger location in Glendale.

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The old logo of Rough Draft Studios [citation needed] can be seen as a coffee stain in the Futurama episode "A Big Piece of Garbage" (see picture).

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