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Sith re-enactors in 3010.
First appearance"Lethal Inspection" (6ACV06)

The Sith are the main antagonists of the Star Wars franchise. Characterized by their single-minded pursuit of power and disdain for sentient life, they are an alliance of warrior mages who use the dark side of the Force.

They fought in the Sithal War (also known as the Sith Invasion) of 2865. This battle caused over 98 million combatants, both Sith and Earthicans, to die. Darth Stroyer, Darth Trocious, Darth Sploder, Darth Urderer, and Darth Ithead are among the few known members of this organization. These overlords have recently been played by nerds, in the war re-enactment of 3010.

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