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South Park
Title screen from South Park.
Created byTrey Parker
Matt Stone
Developed byBrian Graden
Country of originUnited States of America
Producer(s)Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Anne Garefino
Runtime22 minutes
ChannelComedy Central
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South Park is an animated comedy series that airs on Comedy Central. Debuting in 1997, the show is noted for its dark humor, crude language, and topical content, and has garnered many awards and nominations including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. This page will list all the references between Futurama and South Park.

South Park in Futurama

Futurama in South Park

Eric Cartman's head in the upper right hand corner.
  • In the episode "Go God Go" (aired 1 November, 2006), Cartman is stuck in the snow and is buried by an avalanche and is defrosted 500 years later. Although not an explicit reference to Futurama, there is brief reference to cryogenics, and the name of the city "New New Hampshire" is familiar to other names of cities used in Futurama, like "New New York".