Spheron 1

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Spheron 1
Spheron 1.jpg
Inhabited bySpheroids
StatusDomain to Earth
First appearance"War Is the H-Word" (2ACV17)

Spheron 1 is a planet "with absolutely no resources or strategic value" (according to Zapp Brannigan). The surface doesn't have much plantlife, and is mainly made up of sand. Its apparent sole inhabitants are the Spheroids, with whom Earth was once at war. Bender and Henry Kissinger went to make peace with the planetary leaders only to find Nixon and Zapp Brannigan had hidden a bomb inside Bender, set to detonate when he says the word "ass". The planet eventually surrendered to Earth.

Additional Info

War of Spheron 1

See Battle of Spheron 1.

The battle began when Earth declared war on Spheron 1 in 3002 to expand its territory in space. The army traveled to the planet in the Nimbus where they prepared and trained for the battle. The soldiers were dropped onto the planet and battled with the Spheroids. Many humans and Spheroids were lost in the first few minutes. The Spheriods launched an assault and fired an exploding ball at the troops. In an act of bravery Bender secured the bomb inside his chest cabinet which exploded inside him. President Nixon ordered the doctors to repair Bender and had him promoted. Secretely, while being repaired, however, a bomb is wired up inside Bender's chest cabinet. To end the war, Nixon and Brannigan sent Bender and Henry Kissinger on a mission of peace to talk with the Brain Balls. The DOOP Army evacuated the planet apart from two soldiers (Leela and Fry) who stole a helicopter to foil Nixon's plans to blow up Bender and the Brain Balls. Fry arrived in time and warned Bender to not say the word "ass", which was set to be the trigger word that would detonate the bomb in his chest cabinet. Bender forces the Brain Balls to surrender, who then gave planetary control to Earth.