Ultra Guy

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Tertiary character
Ultra Guy
Ultra Guy.png
Ultra Guy in his store, in 3013. [7ACV26]
ProfessionStore owner
First appearance"Meanwhile" (7ACV26)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Ultra Guy is a man who owns a jewelry store. He can turn lumps of coal into diamonds by squeezing them.

In 3013, Fry and Bender went to his store so that Fry could buy an engagement diamond to propose to Leela. [7ACV26] He charged them five bills, but, using the professor's time button, they managed to trick him and not pay any money.


Ultra Guy was first seen in a piece of concept art, released by Countdown to Futurama, in June 2013. [1] He was also featured in the Comic-Con reading for 7ACV26, in July. [2]

Additional information


  • Squeezing coal using such extreme pressure that the carbon turned to diamonds is an old trick frequently used by Superman in the 1950s and 1960s comic books.


    Ultra Guy: You've come to the right joint, ace.



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