United Nations

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United Nations
UN motto.png
"Peace through speeches" [6ACV10]
Present are Nixon and Bender. Bender is in Emperor Nikolai's body.
LocationNew New York, Earth
Organisation typeIntraplanetary international organisation
First appearance"Anthology of Interest II" (3ACV18)

The United Nations (the UN) is a collective organisation of countries of Earth that work together to keep peace on the planet, similar to the DOOP, an intergalactic organisation. The organisation seems to have gone the wrong way since the 21st century, its sign reminiscent of a Las Vegas casino and it's motto being "peace through speeches".

Known members

Additional information

The UN building in New New York.


  • In "Brannigan, Begin Again", Farnsworth says that the DOOP is similar to the United Nations of the 20th century. This suggests that the UN was somehow made extinct sometime between the 20th and 30th century. "The Prisoner of Benda" proves, however, that this never happened.
    • Farnsworth's statement could mean that the UN has simply changed in form or function since the 20th century, rather than that it dissolved entirely.
    • It could be that the Professor's mention of "in your time" isn't a reference to the UN's change or dissolution, but rather it's the Professor's (failed) attempt to get Fry to understand.
    • Perhaps the United Nations was dissolved but began again some time between "Brannigan, Begin Again" and "The Prisoner of Benda".