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Join date. Oct 2nd 2007 first appearance- April 11, 1985


  • all dvds
  • the game (xbox)
  • bender's big score Best Buy edition
  • futurama adventures

favorite charcters[edit]

Dr Zoidberg





least favorite charcters[edit]


Mom's sons

favorite episodes[edit]

The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings

Roswell that Ends Well

The Farnsworth Parabox

least favorite episodes[edit]

Mothers Day

A Leela of Her Own

favorite commentary[edit]

animatc for Hell is Other Robots

least favorite commentary[edit]

Spanish Fry

favorite comic[edit]

New Years Rockin Eve

least favorite comic[edit]

Freaky Fry Day

favorite title caption[edit]

in al thank you for watching futurama human slave

least favorite title caption[edit]

In color

favorite writer[edit]

David X. Cohen

least favorite writer[edit]

won't say

favorite director[edit]

Susie Ditter

least favorite director[edit]

won't say


  • could have gone to university to be a scientist
  • have large inheritance
  • is a extreamly bad speller and is very anoying as well as a slob