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my spelling

im sory i am so terible at spelling please fix my spelling if you see something wrong

Some tips

Just a few suggestions to help you improve your contributions:

  • Try clicking on existing red links to find the article to edit, where possible you can copy and paste the headings for use elsewhere rather than trying to remember the episode names.
  • We've created a number of useful Templates you can/should use for the basis of the basic article types.
  • When I have doubts about my spelling I dump things into Microsoft Word (any document editor with a spellchecker will do).
    • Firefox also have spell checking, which is quite useful. --SvipTalk 08:21, 2 November 2007 (PDT)
  • thanks for the tips i just got a spell checker it only tels me if a word is wrong thoe

Standardising help

In comment to what you said, I use I think the easiest way to standardise. I copy and paste the infobox details, fill in the blanks, and eliminate the old. However, there are harder parts. If there is a line saying 'optional', and you can't put something in the box, just erase the line. To convert an image, take the first part of the image title (ex. Lrrr.jpg....). Always use the preview button before finally editing- Chabby

Just a Reminder

Templates are pretty cool, they take a bit of the effort out of remembering the standard formatting styles. For Bret's article, you could have hit edit, pasted in


(with the bracketing) saved and hit edit again and you'd have a good starting format. - Quolnok 21:00, 17 May 2008 (PDT)