Apartment 00100100

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Apartment 00100100
Areal view of Bender's apartment.png
Bender and Fry in their apartment. [1ACV03]
LocationRobot Arms Apts.
First appearance"I, Roommate"
"Fry's apartment" redirects here. For the apartment where Fry lived before he was frozen, see Fry's old apartment.

Apartment 00100100 is the place where Bender and Fry live. It is unknown how long Bender has lived there, but Fry moved in with him in February of 3000, after having lived at the Planet Express headquarters for approximately one month, at the expense of his nephew. [1ACV03] The apartment is located in Robot Arms Apartments, in New New York, Earth. Beginning with "Related to Items You've Viewed," Leela now lives in the apartment as well.

Place description

It has a very small entrance (the main room), which is where Bender lives, and a very big closet, consisting of two rooms, as well as a kitchen and a bathroom, which is where Fry lives. Unlike that of the Planet Express ship or the Planet Express headquarters, the apartment's layout is far more consistent over the course of the series. It was to some degree destroyed by Dr. Zoidberg in August of 3010. [6ACV10]


Tired of Fry living in the Planet Express building and getting in the way of business, the staff promptly kicked him out, so Bender suggested he live with him. Fry tried to seek alternatives to Bender's apartment for accommodation, since its volume is only two cubic metres. He toured many apartments, including several suspicious ones such as the unique architecture apartment, until he found Dr. Mbutu's. Unfortunately, Bender couldn't live in it, as his antenna interfered with the satellite television. After a falling out with him, Fry finally settled on moving back into Apartment 00100100. Bender then revealed its closet, which is far larger than the apartment itself, in which Fry decided to stay. [1ACV03] Bender's son Ben temporarily lived there in 3012. [7ACV01]

Additional Info

The closet/Fry's main living area with his bed on the far left. [2ACV11]


  • The binary numeral 00100100 (36) translates to the ASCII symbol $, which could be a reference to Bender's greed.