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InventorProfessor Farnsworth
Owner(s)Professor Farnsworth
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)
Current statusStill in use by the Professor

The fing-longer is a glove with an extended index finger. By the beginning of the 31st century, Professor Farnsworth had always dreamed of inventing this glove. In 3001, he used the What-If Machine to ponder what would happen if he, in fact, invented it (2ACV16). The Professor did not actually invent the fing-longer until the following year, when he used it as a pointer on a hologram (3ACV05). He reused it as a pointer in 3007 (BBS), and to uncover the secret behind The Last Supper (6ACV05), as well as to wake up Lrrr (6ACV11), in 3010. He used it while telling the crew about the solar helium mine, in 3013 (7ACV18).

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