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This is a list of products in Futurama.

List of Products

Lightspeed Briefs

Lightspeed briefs.jpg

First Appearance: A Fishful of Dollars
Description: Lightspeed Briefs are comfortable underwear that cost around $30. They were advertised in Fry's dreams which made him want one.

Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil

Robot Oil.jpg

First Appearance: A Fishful of Dollars
Descripton: Produced by MomCorp, Mom's Old-Fashioned Robot Oil is the most popular Oil brand.
Slogan: Made with 10% more love than the next leading brand.


First Appearance: Space Pilot 3000
Description: Secretly made in a Slurm Queen's behind Slurm is the most popular drink around.
Slogan: Slurm its highly attictive or Enjoy Slurm.
Trivia: Slurm is apparantly advertised in every episode of Futurama.