Mutant Atomic Supermen

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Tertiary character
Mutant Atomic Supermen
Clockwise from left: Lazar, Grotrian, Thorias, Armo, Aracneon and Farnsworth
SpeciesHuman (Mutant)
Planet of originEarth
Professionbasketball team
First appearance"Time Keeps on Slippin'" (3ACV14)
ThoriasJohn DiMaggio
AracneonMaurice LaMarche

The Mutant Atomic Supermen are creations Professor Farnsworth has always fantasized about making. He made some for real when the Globetrotters challenged Earth to a basketball game. The Supermen were winning against the Globetrotters until Aracneon was killed and replaced with Fry who lost the game.


  • Aracneon: is a spider-like mutant
  • Grotrian: able to stretch his body
  • Thorias: has a cannon in his chest
  • Armo: a five-armed mutant
  • Lazar: capable of performing an optic blast

Additional Information


  • Grotrian is named for a brand of piano.
  • Armo and Lazar were only named in the commentary
  • Grotrian looks very similar to Walt


"Time Keeps on Slippin'" (3ACV14)