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[[Image:New Justice Team.png|right|thumb|The New Justice Team!]]
[[Image:New Justice Team.png|right|thumb|The New Justice Team!]]
'''Location''': [[Unknown]]<br />
'''Location''': [[New New York]]<br />
'''First Appearance''': [[Less than Hero|"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)]]
'''First Appearance''': {{e|4ACV04}}
==General Information==
==General Information==
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:Winners don't use drugs!
:Winners don't use drugs!
:The New Justice Team!
:The New Justice Team!

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The New Justice Team!

Location: New New York

First Appearance: "Less than Hero" (4ACV04)

General Information

The New Justice Team was a short-lived team of crime-fighting super-heros. The source of the human members super-powers was Dr. FlimFlam's Miracle Cream. They worked the New New York area, and were on call for Mayor Poopenmeyer when the city was in need. The team had three members, Clobberella, Captain Yesterday, and Superking. The group thwarted many crimes, and even found a nemesis in the Zookeeper. Their careers ended after the Zookeeper kidnapped Clobberella's parents and forced the team to steal the Quantum Gemerald in exchange for their release. The fact that they ran out of cream was probably a factor as well.

The Team



Secret Identity: Leela
Super Powers: Super-strength, lickity-speed, and invulnerability
Description: Quick-tempered and with a very head-first approach to crime-fighting, Clobberella defeats many foes with a roundhouse kick to the head.
Name reference: The name is a spoof of the 1960es science fiction heroine Barbarella, played by Jane Fonda.

Captain Yesterday

Captain Yesterday.jpg

Secret Identity:Fry
Super Powers: Super-strength, lickity-speed, and invulnerability
Description: More calm and cool than Clobberella, Captain Yesterday relies heavily on his super-speed to make up for his slow mind.
Name Reference: His name refers to nobody, except possibly Captain America. He is a Parody of Elvis Presley or Fonzie.


Super King.jpg

Secret Identity:Bender
Super Powers: Super-strength, extendable arms and legs, and door on his chest
Description: Superking is a bit of a rogue (or an anti-hero), and while he fights crime with the team, he has been known to abuse his powers for his own gain.
Name Reference: Most Likely Superman, but it could also be a simple figment of bender's Egocentricity, since mid-way through the team's existance, he wants to change his name to "El Zilcho".

Theme Song

Go, Go, Go New Justice Team
Go, team,
Go, team,
Team, team, team
Who's the newest Justice Team?
The New Justice Team!
Captain Yesterday is fast,
Also he is from the past,
Not just fast but from the past
Captain Yesterday!
Superking has all the powers of a king
Plus all the powers of superman
also he's a robot
Aint he cool?
Superking, you rule!
Clobberella beats you up,
Clobberella beats you up,
Who does she beat up?
Citizens, never fear
Crazy do-good freaks are here,
Until they run out of steam
Miracle cream,
Miracle cream,
Gives the power to the team,
It's effects wear off for sure,
So they just slop on some more,
The New Justice Team!
Go, go, go, New Justice Team
Fighting justice is their quest
Superking, Clobberella, and all the rest
Here's to you New Justice Team
Do the things that make your team,
Help each other do some things,
Winners don't use drugs!
The New Justice Team!