New Justice Team

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New Justice Team
New Justice Team.png
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)
Current statusRetired

The New Justice Team was a short-lived team of crime-fighting super-heros. The source of the human members super-powers was Dr. FlimFlam's Miracle Cream. They worked the New New York area, and were on call for Mayor Poopenmeyer when the city was in need. The team had three members, Clobberella, Captain Yesterday, and Superking. The group thwarted many crimes, and even found a nemesis in the Zookeeper. Their careers ended after the Zookeeper kidnapped Clobberella's parents and forced the team to steal the Quantum Gemerald in exchange for their release. The fact that they ran out of cream was probably a factor as well.

The Team



Secret Identity: Leela
Super Powers: Super-strength, lickity-speed, and invulnerability
Description: Quick-tempered and with a very head-first approach to crime-fighting, Clobberella defeats many foes with a roundhouse kick to the head.
Name reference: The name is a spoof of the 1960es science fiction heroine Barbarella, played by Jane Fonda.
Costume: A red jumpsuit with an image of a hand holding a rolling pin. Also includes a black mask, orange boots and gloves and a hairdo like the one in 2ACV09.

Captain Yesterday

Captain Yesterday.jpg

Secret Identity:Fry
Super Powers: Super-strength, lickity-speed, and invulnerability
Description: More calm and cool than Clobberella, Captain Yesterday relies heavily on his super-speed to make up for his slow mind.
Name Reference: His name refers to nobody, except possibly Captain America. He is a Parody of Elvis Presley or Fonzie.
Costume: A white and blue zoot suit ending in highwater pants, a 1970's style haircut, a golden cape, a necklace with a subway token saying 'C.Y.' and a black mask.


Super King.jpg

Secret Identity:Bender
Super Powers: Super-strength, extendable arms and legs, and door on his chest
Description: Superking is a bit of a rogue (or an anti-hero), and while he fights crime with the team, he has been known to abuse his powers for his own gain.
Name Reference: Most Likely Superman or Burger King, but it could also be a simple figment of bender's Egocentricity, since mid-way through the team's existance, he wants to change his name to "El Zilcho"
Costume: A purple fringed cape, a purple mask and a jewel-encrusted crown.

Captain yesterday is no less than hero because he is a superhero. He fights crime in New New York with the help of his team “The New Justice Team.” Captain yesterday has one main foe The Zookeeper from which he has to protect the Quantum Gemerald. The New Justice Team foils the robbery but the Zookeeper escapes. Clobberella tell her parents that she is Clobberella and her father blabs. The word got around to the Zookeeper and he kidnaps Clobberella's parents and for exchange the Zookeeper want them to steal the Quantum Gemerald. Even though Captain Yesterday is against stealing he does it anyways so Clobberella would “like” him. When he gos to steal the gemerald he loses but know one knows it, after taking a 2X4 by a kid who still think he has powers to the stomach he takes the gemerald. The New Justice Team gives the gemerald to the Zookeeper and he gives back clobberella's parents. After that he cant fight crime anymore leaves the New Justice Team for good.