Sith Overlords

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Sith Overlords
First appearance"Lethal Inspection" (6ACV06)

The Sith Overlords are a group of Sith commanders who fought in the Sithal War (also known as the Sith Invasion) of 2865. This battle caused over 98 million combatants, both Sith and Earthicans, to die. Darth Stroyer, Darth Trocious, Darth Sploder, Darth Urderer, and Darth Ithead were Sith Overlords. They have recently been played by nerds, in the war re-enactment of 3010.

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    Hermes: And the winner of the war is... Let me just cross-check my tabulation here... Factoring the corsages for the widows...
    Bender: Hurry up, you number crunching crumb nuncher. Everybody but me is dying of old age.
    Hermes: Okay... Ah! The winners, at a net cost of only 12 dollars per life cut tragically short... our Sith Overlords!