The Beast With Two Bucks

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The Beast With Two Bucks
Humanhorn shop.png
LocationGalactic Bazaar
First appearance"Spanish Fry" (4ACV17)
Not to be confused with The Beast with a Billion Backs.

The Beast With Two Bucks is a $1.99 sex shoppe and one of the stores at the Galactic Bazaar. It is a porn shop owned by the Human Horn dealer. There are plenty of porn products, the most notable being Human Horn. The practice of video-taping everyone who comes in allowed Fry, Bender and Leela to learn Lrrr bought Fry's Human Horn in 3004 (4ACV17).

Additional Info[edit]

The owner of the store, the Human Horn dealer


  • The name is a reference to "The beast with two backs", the pre-Shakespearean slang term for sexual intercourse.