Altairean bouquet tree

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Altairean bouquet tree
Municipal Arboretum 2.png
HomeworldProbably Altair
First appearance"The Cyber House Rules" (3ACV09)

The Altairean bouquet tree is a tree that gives people certain flowers on request by using a branch as an arm that reaches into its leaves. Two types of flowers include extra-beautiful and average. Adlai asked it for an average to give Leela in 3002 (3ACV09).

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    Man: [He and his girlfriend stop by the Altairean bouquet tree.] I'd like an extra-beautiful bouquet for my extra-gorgeous sweetheart. [The tree hands him some flowers and he hands them to the woman. They walk away and Leela and Adlai arrive.]
    Adlai: Average, please. [The tree hands him a bunch and he hands them to Leela.]