Army of the Damned

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Army of the Damned
Army of the damned.jpg
Bender backed by his army
Organisation typeArmy
LeaderRobot Devil, later Bender
First appearanceThe Beast with a Billion Backs

The Army of the Damned is an army of damned robots from Robot Hell. It was organized by Bender after he became head of the League of Robots, trading his firstborn son with the Robot Devil for it. Originally created for the purpose of conquering Earth, it found a purpose in restoring the Earth's population after everyone left the planet behind for the robots. It was once formatted to appear as a pirate ship crew.

Army Members

The Army of the Damned dressed as pirates


  • Battle tanks
  • Pirate ship
The Army's pirate ship

Fought With

Additional Info


  • The image of the army as pirates appears inside a 'no sign' at the beginning and end of an anti-piracy warning found on the Bender's Big Score DVD.
  • One of the members, to a large extent, bears a physical resemblance to Clamps.
  • The title is a reference to the 1960 movie Village of the Damned.
    • The title could also refer to the 1992 movie Army of Darkness, aka 'Evil Dead 3'