Being of inconceivable horror

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Tertiary character
Being of inconceivable horror
Winning the Milky Way at an eBay auction (3ACV15).
First appearance"I Dated a Robot" (3ACV15)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The being of inconceivable horror is an alien who owns the Milky Way, having purchased it online through an eBay auction (for an unknown price).

He - or his online avatar, at least - has three eyes and four tentacle-like arms. He is of an unspecified species.

Additional Info


    Auctioneer: Are there no further bids for this exquisite galaxy? [He bangs his gavel.] Sold, to the being of inconceivable horror.
    [The being of inconceivable horror laughs.]
    Being of inconceivable horror: Will a money order be OK?
    Auctioneer: Yes.
    [The being of inconceivable horror laughs again.]