Calculon (All My Circuits)

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Secondary character
Character on All My Circuits
RelativesMonique, wife
Antonio Calculon, Jr., step son / nephew
Sleazy Martinez, fourth evil identical septuplet
Boxy Robot, half brother
Unknow nephew
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)
Played byCalculon
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche
This article is about the All My Circuits character. For the acting unit, see Calculon.

Calculon is a character on All My Circuits, played by Calculon. He is married to Monique and together they have had a son, though, it is later revealed, that he is actually the son of Sleazy Martinez. Calculon is a robot of many talents, serving as a doctor, captain and minister of a hospital ship all at once, but is not above career moves that see him filling out tedious paperwork.

He has multiple personalities, probably to allow for more obscure plot twists. Four have been shown thus far. Though, it seems that his fourth personality is unrelated to his other three, and managed to blackmail himself while one gets involved in an affair with Monique. After his actor's death, Calculon was written off the show by being enslaved by crab fishermen. His character was replaced by Vaxtron. Calculon was later briefly returned so that he could commit suicide.

Additional Info



  • Calculon: [doing paperwork] "...Add in the carryover from form 16A, then deduct line 2B."


This is only for appearances of the character and not the actor outside of the show.


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