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Secondary character
Bend Her.jpg
Coilette (Bender) wins the 3004 Earth Olympiad for bending (4ACV13).
First appearance"Bend Her" (4ACV13)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio
This article is about Bender's alter ego. For the in-universe character, see Coilette: A Calculon Story.

Coilette is the name Bender temporarily took in 3004, when he changed sex to be able to play in the fembot league of the 3004 Earth Olympiad (4ACV13). Bender once again appeared looking like Coilette, but without taking the name, when his gender was switched by the big rock alien in 3011 (6ACV20).


Bend Her (3004)

In 3004, Bender dreams of entering the Olympic Games, but much to his sorrow, the other manbots are much better at bending than he is. He discovers that there is a fembot league, and decides to dress up like a woman and enter. He wins by a long shot, but learns that before he can receive his awards, he has to try for a test of his gender oil. With help from Professor Farnsworth, he physically changes sex, allowing him to receive his awards.

Much to Amy's and Leela's dismay, Bender stayed as a fembot after the actual Olympiad as well, enjoying the perks of the gender, and almost married Calculon before finally switching back.

Neutopia (3011)

In 3011, the Planet Express crew encountered a being which accidentally changed the genders of the crew, and as a result Bender once again looked like Coilette, but without calling himself by the name. His original manbot gender was later returned.

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