Dixie and Trixie

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Secondary character
Dixie and Trixie
Dixie and Trixie.png
Dixie and Trixie dressing up Bender as a hooker. [ItWGY]
ProfessionSlurms MacKenzie's party babes
First appearance"Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1ACV13)
Dixie (1ACV13)Pamela Anderson
Dixie (ItWGY)Tress MacNeille
TrixieLauren Tom
Not to be confused with Dixie Chicks.

Dixie and Trixie worked for forty years with Slurms MacKenzie as his party babes. [1ACV13] After MacKenzie's death, it was possible that Dixie and Trixie left Slurm entirely, and later joined the Feministas, lead by Leela. [ItWGY] However, in 3012, they are seen playing the sport of Butterfly Derby against Leela and Amy while sporting Slurm costumes, suggesting they still promote the drink.

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