Fry's breakdancing crew

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Fry's breakdancing crew
Fry's breakdancing crew.png
Fry and his brother with Fry's breakdancing crew, in the 20th century. [3ACV04]
First appearance"The Luck of the Fryrish" (3ACV04)
Crew member with red shoesDavid Herman
Noticeably F.A.T.John DiMaggio
Crew member with green shoesTress MacNeille

Fry's breakdancing crew was a group of people that Fry and his brother breakdanced with in the 20th century, as teenagers. [3ACV04] One of them was named Noticeably F.A.T..

In 3013, Fry underwent a lucid dream so that he could find the source of a melody that he had heard on 31 December 1999, [7ACV23] the day that he was frozen. He met the crew during the dream.

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    Crew member with green shoes: Phil. You're hot!

    Crew member with red shoes: Fry. If I ever see you try anything that crazy again, this crew might just have some new parachute pants!

    Fry: I haven't seen you guys in years. What're ya up to?
    Crew member with red shoes: Not'in' but breakdancin'.

Fry: Noticeably F.A.T. Rewind the tape.
Noticeably F.A.T.: Slurping Sound


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