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Tertiary character
Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron's head.png
Date of birth5 February, 1934
RelativesHank Aaron XXIV, distant offspring
First appearance"The Deep South" (2ACV12)
Voiced byHank Aaron
This article is about the Futurama character. For the baseball player, see Hank Aaron.

Hank Aaron was a famous baseball player during the 20th century. When the lost city of Atlanta sunk, he ran away with other quality people, such as Ted Turner, Jeff Foxworthy, John Pemberton (the inventor of Coca-Cola), and the Magician. [2ACV12] His head now resides in the Blernsball Hall of Fame in New New York, alongside his descendant Hank Aaron XXIV. [3ACV16]

Additional Info


In the boat, the second from the left. [2ACV12]