Ron Whitey

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Secondary character
Ron Whitey
Ron Whitey.jpg
Planet of originProbably Earth, United States, New New York
RelativesKitty, wife
First appearance"A Tale of Two Santas" (3ACV03)
Voiced byBilly West

Ron Whitey (more commonly known as Judge Whitey) is a male Human who is an arbiter of justice. He believes that people are never too rich to enjoy a free turkey dog. [4ACV16]


A parodic archetype of the worldview, values, and mannerisms of a "country-club WASP", he is very rich and seems to lack morals. Whitey is preoccupied with money and wealth, but does not know what a bank is until his caddy's chauffeur informs him that "a bank is a place where people put money that isn't properly invested". Judge Whitey is also the reason that the Institute for Criminally Insane Humans is full, and is reminded this by a baliff, who says "that facility has been full ever since you ruled that being poor is a mental illness".


Ron Whitey sentenced Santa Bender to be executed at sundown [3ACV03] and Fry and Bender to asylum, [3ACV11] divorced Fry and Leela, [3ACV14] attended Fry's opera, [4ACV18] ironically, was seen as a homeless man due to the actions of the Scammer Aliens, [BBS] was run over by Calculon, sentencing him to community service, [TBwaBB] attended the 100th-delivery party, [6ACV12] and served as the judge in the case Mom v. Farnsworth. [6ACV25]

Additional info


  • Judge Whitey is one of the few characters who are drawn with eyebrows.
  • As evidenced by his name, Whitey was created to lampoon stereotypes about rich white people.


    Ron Whitey: The charge is bank robbery. Now, my caddie's chauffeur informs me that a bank is a place where people put money that isn't properly invested. Therefore, robbing a bank is tantamount to that most heinous of crimes, theft of money. [3ACV11]

    Fry: I refuse to testify on the grounds that my organs will be chopped up into a patty. [3ACV11]
    Ron Whitey: Ah, the 67th Amendment.

    Ron Whitey: Counselor, what evidence do you offer to support this new plea of insanity? [3ACV11]
    Hyper-Chicken: Well, for one, they done hired me to represent them.
    [Judge Whitey bangs his gavel.]
    Ron Whitey: Insanity plea is accepted.

    Ron Whitey: So I said to Kitty, "The only way to keep the butler from running away is to cut off, his foot!"
    [Bender laughs quietly and lights his cigar.]
    Ron Whitey: Yes, it reminds me of a joke I heard about upper-middle-class people. [4ACV16]